The below instructions are for programming the VAG diesel cars using MPPS
MPPS is preferable over Galletto and easier to use - MPPS includes recovery mode if a map goes wrong.

All of Blacksmoke maps can be flashed using MPPS software and leads.
Geniune leads can be found at
Ebay is flooded with clones of these which normally work perfectly but please be aware that none are supported by Blacksmoke.

How to use your lead on your car

  • Load the software onto your fully charged computer.
  • Plug the lead into the car (normally above ashtray or in the drivers footwell).
  • Open the software.
  • Select the correct driver (see screen shot below)MPPS remap car selection

  • Turn on the ignition and Check the voltage is above 12V
  • Click "ECU ID".
  • This will provide the ECU part number etc (below).MPPS - How to check car voltage and ECU part number
  • Check BLACKSMOKE for a remapped file.
    If in doubt, send me a screen shot of the above.
  • Buy a map from my site, it will automatically send the file to your email address you pay my website, check your SPAM filter.
    Please note that the the file extension is .mod, some computers think this is a movie file but don't worry. It is the correct extension for Blacksmoke maps.
  • Select "Read"

 MPPS reading ECU

  • If you have a VW GOLF/ BORA which fails to read, remove fuses 11 and 15 which will dissable the dash.
  • When complete it will ask for a file name.  save the file with the extension .bin (example = original file.bin)MPPS Remap save file
  • After the ECU is read it will ask you to turn off the ignition.
    Using MPPS - Turn off instruction

  •  Do the above as many times as you wish until your confident.
  • Click "write"
  • Select the file from my website (saved on you computer).
  • Press OK.
  • Turn on the ignition (be aware for the fuel pump noise if you have removed the fuses for the dash)
  • Get comfortable, don't open/ close doors. make sure the laptop is stable (internet, antivirus and unused applications should be turned off)
  • Select "Continue"MPPS programming






    Breath in and out for the next couple of minutes and watch the green bar.Remap DIY blacksmoke

  • When prompted turn off the ignition for 5 seconds
    Using MPPS safely


Enjoy your new performance!!!!!!!!

If you removed the fuses, put them back in and expect an airbag warning. This warning is due to the fact the airbag controller could not communicate with the dash once reset it will be gone for good.

If you are unsure which of my downloadable files are correct for your car please email me your original file to