Here are some frequently asked questions.

Who is BLACKSMOKE remaps?
BLACKSMOKE was set up to offer maps to public and companies at a reasonable cost, Behind the website there are just a couple of people which is why we specialise in just VAG diesels. We never want to spread support across the complete market which would reduce our support we offer.

Why does it cost £45 when companies charge £150+ for a generic remap?
Overheads, wages, knowledge and profit make up all remapping costs. By doing it yourself yourself you remove the expensive overheads and wages. We aim to offer as much support as you need during your own remap.

I want more power than listed for my ECU, is to possible?
BLACKSMOKE has built a reputation at creating maps with modest gains, keeping torque levels lower than the standard clutch can handle and BHP high enough for spirited drivers. Beyond what we offer we strongly recommend a full rolling road tuning who may be able to get what you wish.

What cars do you offer remaps for?
We strictly support VAG tdi cars between late 1999 and 2007 (some models upto 2009 depending upon when models changed).  Between 1999 and 2006 VAG tdi cars had to be able to be adjusted via the OBD port, pre 1999 the ECU would need "chipped", post 2007 the ECU needs removed and remapped on the bench.  We don't offer remaps for newer ECUs.

Do you just increase boost and fuel pressure?
There are companies who offer remaps like this, we prefer to create maps in the same way the "branded" maps do. 

Can you fix the hot start problem with my car?
The simple answer is yes, the fix for this can be added to any remap or standard map. please get in touch.

Can you offer EGR delete?
At no extra cost we can dissable your car from requesting exhaust gas. This allows the car to run the standard setup or with a mechanical EGR delete pipe fitted.  For 90% of customers this is fine but if there is an underlying fault with the vacuum actuator, wiring etc your light may still remain on.

What about extras like DPF removal, Speed limters, Rev limiters and launch control. Can these be done in the map? 
Creating bespoke maps are not what BLACKSMOKE was set up to do, without the car its quite hard to get 100%. Some of our files have EGR delete and this is listed.

Do you offer a trial period?
For online files, once payment is made the file is sent instantly to your paypal registered address so this can't be returned.  We do try our best to resolve any problems you may have installing the maps. All ECU's come with a 14 Day no quibble returns period.

How long do you support during the remap stage?
We offer 7 days support to repair bricked ECUs from the date of purchase. Beyond this time support is there but is chargable. 

I've contacted BLACKSMOKE but not heard anything back for 2 days what should I do?
Some emails do slip through the net so please accept our oppolgies and just send a quick reminder.