- Maps are availble for most VAG TDI Cars-
-Select your current power level from the menu on the left-
-Prices remained the same since 2011-
-Please do not purchase your file until you have been able to read your current MAP-
-If your ECU is not listed please contact us-
-Price included us fixing any ECU which break during your DIY remap-
-7 day support during your remap-
-Postal services available-
-Renouned customer services-



Disclaimer ...
Carrying out a remap on any car without a thorough health check first is at your own risk.
No warranty is given or implied to any components on your vehicle before or after the mapping process apart from the ECU.
Please be aware that the cost of a file also includes any repair of ONE ECU if anything goes wrong.
If you use your purchased file on any other vehicle, no goodwill will be give and any support will be chargeable. Direct support (repairing broken ecus) is limited to 7 days from date of file purchase.
Insurance premiums are based on your own circumstances and Blacksmoke remaps should be disclosed to your insurance company.
The guide how to remap your own car states how to get your file number, no refund will be given for any incorrect purchases.
If in doubt, ASK!!!